I’m Joy the Creator and Founder of Frank + Bare all Natural AHA Deodorants.  A little bit about myself, I love to be creative & Nature inspires my creativity everyday, its beauty, it's essence, its amazing complex existence and it’s influence upon our wellbeing.

Frank + Bare was founded when I set our to develop a safe and healthy alternative to mainstream antiperspirants and Deodorants.  I wanted the formulation to be not only all natural and effective against odour but beneficial for our skin and a pleasure to apply and wear.  I also wanted the product to have a holistic approach for both our body and our earth, therefore it had to be safe, sustainable, environmentally friendly and offer zero waste. 

I spent many many months disappearing down rabbit holes, researching the research, the science, ingredients and the causes of body odour, consumer comments about other natural deodorants, all to understand what was missing or not working in this market segment.  Using my pharmaceutical experience and forearmed with my research I trialled many different combinations of natural ingredients to develop a science based formulation using 5 AHA's as the active ingredient opposite to any other natural Deodorant being offered in Australia.  The end result was a Skin Care Deodorant that felt beautiful to apply and wear, prevented and neutralised Body Odour for sensory happiness, while using AHA's to enhance the skins smoothness and appearance, all in an easy to apply stick formulation. The ingredients are all plant based from sustainable sources and are of the highest quality, never tested on animals only us humans.

I also want to give back everyday, not just by offering people a healthy alternative, but by creating positive environmental + social change, to build a better world for us and our future generations. Every purchase $1 is donated to an Australian Environmental initiative.

My final aim was to deliver a zero waste product, with no harmful effects to the environment this carried through to the product & shipping packaging ensuring it was fully recyclable along with using soy inks for printing as Soy Inks are less harmful to the environment.  This has been recognised by the Clean and Conscious Awards 2021 where Frank + Bare won GOLD in the Zero Waste Body Category! 

We owe our existence to Nature so let’s give back for Nature to Exist!