Will I still sweat if I use a Natural Deodorant?

Our deodorant is formulated to allow your body to behave as it naturally would; this means that you will still perspire, but you will perspire with confidence knowing that you will not develop Body Odour or Bacteria Odour as we like to call it.   However, our formulation has also been developed to help absorb the feeling of wetness while perspiring, thanks to the Tapioca Starch.   Some people naturally perspire a lot,  and therefore may find they will need to re-apply during the day.

Most commercial deodorants and anti-perspirants contain Aluminium which stop sweat by blocking your sweat glands. As we don't use Aluminium salts our deodorant won't block your sweat glands and you can be confident in knowing your body is working as it should


Can I use your deodorant to get rid of the B.O. smell?

Yes,  we have tested our Deodorant on armpits with B.O and it has successfully neutralised the odour leaving only the aromatic essential oils to deodorise your pits.   

It prevents Bacteria Odour and also kills it.


Are your fragrances Synthetic or Natural?

Our Deodorant is all natural, we only use premium plant based natural essential oils to fragrance or Deo.   

Synthetic fragrances have many synthetic chemicals in them and they are derived from petrochemicals (petroleum-based), and can be harmful to human health. Chemicals found in man-made fragrances include phthalates, which are endocrine disruptors, and benzene derivatives, aldehydes, and toluene, which are known carcinogens.

We also offer a fragrance free option for you if you prefer no fragrance or have sensitivities to essential oils.


How do I apply Frank + Bare Deodorant?

All you need to do is apply a couple of swipes under dry arms at the start of the day or after showering. The texture is a soft buttery stick that is absorbed into the skin when you swipe it on your underarms. There’s no need for rubbing and the product doesn’t leave your underarms feeling wet or sticky when absorbed.


Will it stain my clothes?

No. The product has been designed not to stain.  You should apply to dry skin and don't apply too much! One of the benefits of using Frank + Bare deodorant is that it contains no aluminium. The yellow stains that some antiperspirants leave on clothing is caused by aluminium in your antiperspirant reacting with the salt in your sweat which leaves a hard to remove stain. So no aluminium means no yellow stains.


Is the packaging single use-plastic free?

Our entire product is single-use, plastic free. Our packaging is a cardboard push up tube made from paper which is 100% recyclable and home compostable.  We also recognise that this packaging isn't always as functional as we would like but currently it is the only packaging we can source that fits with our requirements of plastic free.