Frank + Bare are excited to offer the first Natural Deodorant made in Australia with 5 AHA's [Alpha Hydroxy Acids] for both Men & Women, a new modern approach to Natural Deodorant. Frank + Bare AHA Deodorant is not just effective at combating odour, it's a performance based skincare product as well, with real benefits unlike any other Natural Deodorant currently on the market.  We have considered very carefully when making this deodorant that it comes with a holistic approach not just for our health + skin, but also for the health of our Earth.  Our packaging is fully Biodegradable and compostable, our ingredients are of the highest quality and natural.  We only have One Body + One Earth, we must respect and restore both.

Our AHA Deodorant's are packed with a careful blend of moisturising natural oils, AHA's [Alpha Hydroxy Acid's], hydrating agents, Vit E and essential oils for fragrance. We've taken the upmost care to combine the purist natural ingredients to create the perfect formula for your skin! 

Why is it different?  At Frank + Bare, we studied the skins pH and wanted to offer a Natural Deodorant lasts all day and is different to all others out there. All the natural deodorants we tested had an Alkaline/basic pH around 7 or 8, so we did the opposite & formulated our Deo to be slightly Acidic at a pH of between 3.8 - 4, this pH works with the skins flora, increasing the skins hydration, and creating an environment where the sweat munching bacteria cannot survive or thrive. We have been able to create this gentle acid formula using AHA's from premium natural ingredients, such as Orange, Lemon, Bilberry, Sugar Cane & Sugar Maple Extracts. The AHA extracts are also a skincare performance product, this means they gently exfoliate the skin, removing the build up of dead skins cells, which can lead to ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation. Our Deo not only gives you confidence that you will smell great all day, but it will leave your skin feeling smoother, softer and looking brighter. This is a new modern approach to Natural Deodorant, one that keeps you odour free + smelling great, while working to improve the skin's feel and appearance.

Our AHA Deodorant is not an Antiperspirant so you may still sweat, however it is a natural process to sweat, sweating is how our body regulates our temperature and removes toxins from our body, our AHA Deo does have moisture wicking qualities to keep you as moisture free as possible.  But feel confident in the fact that while you are wearing our AHA Deodorant you will be odour free and living your best healthy life.

In Short,

  • Our AHA Deo banishes B.O. 
  • You will smell fresh and odour free
  • Our packaging is fully recyclable and biodegradable. 
  • It is a saviour for ingrown hairs by gently exfoliating the skin daily
  • It reduces skin discolouration/hyperpigmention.
  • It keeps the skin moisturised and feeling smooth.
  • It is 100% Natural and can be used anywhere on the body inc the privates!
  • We have 6 natural fragrance options + a Fragrance free. 

At Frank + Bare we believe you will love our AHA Deodorant, if not we will refund your purchase.