Frank + Bare’s AHA deodorant was designed to stop odour and protect your skin’s protective acid mantle and microflora. Applying it won’t feel like you’re scraping waxy sandpaper on your pits. Instead it is a luxurious creamy texture which will glide on easily and keep your precious pits protected and odour free all day.

Frank + Bare’s deodorant formulation is unique, most other natural deodorants are designed using baking soda and or clays to absorb odour and sweat, whereas we have formulated our Deodorant to zero in on the sweat munching bacteria that causes the odour and actually prevents the odour from developing in the first place. This happens by slightly changing the acid pH in the armpit, to do this we use all Natural fruit acids from Bilberry, Lemon, Orange, Sugar Cane & Sugar Maple, they are our hero ingredients which have lots of lovey AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids).  Using these fruit extracts creates an acid pH environment where the bacteria cannot survive, but is still extremely gentle on the skin. Whereas most natural deodorants change the pH of the armpit from acid to basic (alkaline), by adding alkaline ingredients such as Baking Soda and/or Magnesium.   Our skins pH is typically acid, so applying a deodorant that changes this to basic (Alkaline) can more often than not create an unbalanced biome resulting in damage to the skin's protective layer which then leads to skin irritation and possible infection. That red rash that so many people mention in their reviews.   Our AHA Deodorant also kills odour,  Forgotten to swipe the Deo, can smell that funky B.O starting, dont stress just apply Frank + Bare, kills bacteria, no more odour & no odour masking.
The added benefits of using an AHA Deodorant is the AHA’s once again, hardworking little fruit acids are not only excellent antioxidants they also gently exfoliate the pits all day by breaking down the cellular bonds between the dead skin allowing it to be sloughed away, a saviour for those ingrown hairs + hyperpigmentation, as well as the benefit of increasing skin hydration, creating smoother, brighter and clearer skin, you could say a daily micro-peel for your pits.    You can shop our range here.





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